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All of your healthcare questions answered when you need it most.

Smarter Healthcare Decisions Benefit Everyone

For Individuals

Use Orderly to immediately find the answers you need to manage your healthcare. Find out account and deductible balances, understand coverage, and find lowest price options for your care.

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For Employers

Provide your employees with a powerful benefit that improves their experience with healthcare, empowers them to make the best decisions, and saves you money.

How it Works

Answers to your healthcare questions are always just a text message away

Employee texts Orderly with any healthcare related question

Orderly communicates with our partners to collect and compile employee's healthcare data

Orderly provides answers and empowers employee to make smarter, more cost-effective health care decisions

Employee and employer save time and money

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Kevin Krauth


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James Dickhoner


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Paul Lungu

Technical Lead

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