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Hey there! I’m Louie, your personal healthcare assistant.
I'll help connect you with highly rated doctors, find you discounts on prescriptions, and so much more.
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How I'll Make Your Life Easier

I'll help you find
highly rated doctors

Can you find me a new primary care doctor?
No problem! Here are a couple highly rated doctors that are covered by your plan and accepting new patients:
Dr. Adam J. Roux - Male
523 87th St, Denver
(555) 496-1148
View bio and reviews

Dr. Jennifer M. Taylor - Female
45 Fore St, Ste 220, Denver
(555) 904-4331
View bio and reviews
If you would like to see more doctors, say ‘more’.

I’ll connect you with
licensed doctors

I’ve had a sore throat for about three days. What should I do?
Sorry to hear that. It sounds like it would be best if you talked to a doctor! I can connect you with a certified physician right now. Would you like me to connect you?
Yes, I would like to talk to a doctor.
Okay sounds great! I have 303-555-4567 on file. Can they reach you at this number?
Yup! That number works well for me.
Consider it done! A board certified doctor should be contacting you shortly.

I can tell you the
cost of medications

I need to find out how much Lipitor will cost me.
No problem! On average, Lipitor costs $208.66 for a quantity of 30, 10mg tabs. Is this the dose you are looking for?
No, I need a bottle of 30 pills at 20mgs.
Okay, I got it! The average cost for 30 Lipitor tabs at 20mgs is $291.62.

I’ll also let you know
about discounts!

Did you know that Lipitor is a name brand medication? The generic equivalent of Lipitor, Atorvastatin Calcium, is $32.55 on average.
Would you like me to find where you can purchase Atorvastatin Calcium instead?
Sure, thanks!
Awesome! Based on your location, I found this great deal for you:

$4.00 at Walmart Pharmacy
5990 Dahlia St.
Commerce City, CO 80022
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I’ll find a healthcare
plan that works for
all of your needs

I want to pick a new health plan, can you help?
Of course I can! My friends at KindHealth specialize in this. They are great at finding affordable health insurance that works for you!
Can I make the introduction?
Please do!
Done! Look for an email in your inbox from the great folks over at KindHealth!

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