Help your employees navigate their healthcare

Powered by software, we can answer questions programmatically by combining multiple sources of the best data available. You get up to the minute answers tailored for your plan, location, and demographics.

Quality healthcare management

Healthcare is complicated.

We are here to help.

With Orderly, you can simply text your questions about healthcare, just like you are texting a friend. Using multiple data sources, we can provide answers immediately to help you find the best doctor, the lowest price, or just help you better understand your benefits.

Become a Healthcare Hero for your Employees

Provide your employees with a powerful benefit that improves their experience with healthcare, empowers them to make the best decisions, and saves you money.

Save Time

Save Money

Provide Great Benefits

How it Works

Answers to your healthcare questions are always just a text message away

An employee sends a message to Orderly via text, Slack, or any other text-based solution

Orderly routes question to most appropriate data source from our data partners and internal database

Orderly provides answers and empowers employees to make smarter, more cost-effective health care decisions

You save your employees time and money as they dance off into the sunset

Accessible from anywhere

Access Orderly with SMS or our web platform, or through our custom integrations with your favorite messaging services.

Your Data is Safe and Secure

Rest assured knowing that with Orderly, your healthcare information is safe and secure

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Named one of the 50 Colorado Startups to Watch in 2017 by BuiltinColorado

Named the most intriguing company covered in the "New Tech on Front Range" 5280 Magazine Article

Mandy Connell asks, "Why did this just now happen?" while exclaiming her interest in using Orderly on her iHeartRadio Podcast

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