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Chatting With Me

Who is Louie?

That's me! I'll be your personal healthcare assistant and go-to chatbot for anything you need answered regarding your healthcare.

Huh? What is a chatbot?

The word 'chatbot' is used to describe computer programs that you interact with via a chat interface... but I'm way cooler than that makes me sound! I work a lot like your friend Alexa or SmarterChild if you can remember that far back. Rather than downloading an app, you can message me the questions you have about your care via text or over the web.

Why are you named Louie?

My creators are kind of obsessed with healthcare, so they wanted to name me after someone who has made big contributions to the field. My namesake comes from Louis Pasteur, the French micro-biologist renowned for his discoveries related to vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization. Plus, they didn't know anyone named Louie and thought it suited me well.

How does it all work?

There are a few things to know about me to get the most out of using Orderly. When you sign up for a membership, you will be guided through a quick tutorial on how everything works. For starters, I'm really good at finding you doctors, getting you pricing on medications, connecting you with urgent care resources, and assisting you in finding a plan. You can ask a number of different ways, but try to only ask one thing at a time clearly identifying what you want. If I need more information, I'll let you know. See the example below:

Can you find me a urologist covered by my plan?
I would love to help you find a Urologist! I just need a bit more information. What zipcode would you like me to search?
Bingo! Here are a couple highly rated Urologists for you...
Dr. Adam J. Roux - Male
523 87th St, Denver
(555) 496-1148
View bio and reviews

Dr. Jennifer M. Taylor - Female
45 Fore St, Ste 220, Denver
(555) 904-4331
View bio and reviews

How do I provide my medical information?

Your profile is a big deal! This is where I access all of your information regarding your health insurance, medical history, location, and preferences in order to do my job well. Remember, your information is always safe and secure with me.

When you log in to Orderly, you will have access to your profile via the navigation bar or the "update profile" button on the left hand side of the chat window. Once in your profile, you can update your information as you please. See below:

Healthcare questions answered

How do I link my phone to text messaging/SMS?

Linking your phone to my system will allow us to talk via text message! This way, you don't have to log into the web chat to talk to me when you're on the go. You will find the "link your phone" button on the left side of the chat window.

Once in your profile, click the "Enable SMS" link under the "Text Orderly" section:

Enter you phone number into the "link your phone" modal.

You will then receive a text with a PIN. Once you enter the PIN , you will be able to text me!

What if I need help while asking questions?

When I'm having a hard time understanding or I can't give you the answer you're looking for, I'll let a human know that you need help. You can always let me know that you would like to chat with a person by typing "#help." Our team has people ready to help M-F 8am–6pm MST.

When you request help or if a person jumps into the chat, you will notice that my icon will change to a human intervention icon. If you're on SMS, you won't see this change, but my human friends will always let you know that you're no longer talking to me.

I'm Still Learning

Just because I'm a robot doesn't mean that you have to talk like one too. Talk to me like a human, but I will perform better if you ask me questions as complete sentences.

I use spell check and can usually get most misspellings within a couple of letters difference. Don't worry, I'm not the grammar police or anything! I should be able to pick up what you're getting at, but bear with me if I don't always understand. Nobody's perfect :)

I'll work best if you ask me for only one or two requests at a time. For instance, I can easily answer a request to "find a doctor covered by my plan," but I might not be able to "Find me the best female doctor, covered by my plan, close to my work, with openings next week." I was designed to prompt you with clarifying questions after initial requests, and since I'm still figuring out how humans think, this is the best way to make sure I will get your answers fast.


What is Orderly?

Orderly is a service that allows individuals to easily get their healthcare questions answered. Whether you're looking for a highly rated doctor in your area, trying to find the cost of a prescription, or even speak directly with a board certified physician – our bot Louie has got you covered!

How does it work?

Orderly is an artificially intelligent, learning software built to understand and easily answer any complicated healthcare questions you might have. While Orderly is still in its infancy, with more people asking Louie questions, the better the answers will become.

Where is Orderly available?

Orderly is available nationwide throughout the US!

For now, our Premium Membership is available to Colorado residents only. The team is working hard to quickly expand this to other states. In the meantime, if you're not a Colorado resident, sign up for our free membership and start talking to our bot Louie!

Privacy & Security

Is my data secure?

Orderly stores data in HIPAA compliant, encrypted databases online, using state-of-the-art technologies and encryption protections.

To put into perspective the level of security employed to protect your data, let's assume the NSA were able to acquire $100 TRILLION worth of supercomputers. These supercomputers, guessing billions of combinations per second, would take trillions of millennia in order to guess the correct key to decrypt just a single table of your data. That is not a misprint. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

Who can see my data?

Put simply, no one. Period. You are the only person who is able to access secure, personally identifiable data such as claims history, details on doctors' visits, etc. The Orderly team maintains strict guidelines with respect to data security. Members of the company only have access to completely anonymized claims data, none of which have any protected health or identifiable information associated with them.

Does Orderly sell my data or sponsor results to make money?

Nope. We do not sell data, use your personal information for advertising, or pay for sponsored content. Rather, we work with a number of partners that offer data and services in healthcare to improve the user experience. In most cases, these partners have negotiated discounts with vendors for medications or MRIs, for example, and they benefit from users like you receiving the savings they have negotiated. This is how we can keep many of Orderly's features completely free of charge.


Why can't you do ________?

Looking for a new feature? I want to hear about it. Send me an email at and let me know how I can improve.

I think I found a bug!

Oh noooo, not a bug! They're the worst, but I'm glad you made it here. Send me an email at and I'll get the team working on it.

Let's work together!

I love collaborating! Email me here to learn more about partnering with us.

I want to talk to the people in charge.

Not a problem! Anytime that you want to contact them, you can reach my creators at