How much it costs

With a standard Orderly account you can:
  • Chat with Louie, your virtual care assistant. Louie can...
    • Find the lowest cost medications
    • Recommend covered doctors and specialists (including bios and reviews)
    • Estimate costs on common procedures
    • Search for the best insurance plans
    • Dispatch at home urgent care and emergency care
  • Manage and order all your prescriptions online with alerts for refills and delivery to your door
  • Save and access your insurance information
  • Build a personal medical profile
  • Receive human support within 1 business day
You’ll get all the benefits of our Standard Plan PLUS:
  • Unlimited virtual care visits
 (Colorado only)
    (video chat with a live physician)
  • Unlimited free shipping on medications
  • Priority human support
  • Bill fighting and disputes
    (coming soon)
  • Personalized coverage questions and pricing
    (coming soon)
  • Cost estimation on procedures based on your plan and coverage
    (coming soon)

How to get started

Easy! You can sign up today and start asking me questions right away. You can try premium risk free for 30 days, or sign up on a standard account completely for free.

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How it works

Connect, Chat, and Get Answers. Really, it's that simple.

Sophisticated healthcare AI
Signup to create your account and fill out your medical profile.
Send me a message! I'm Louie, your personal healthcare assistant.
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I told you it was simple! I've got your healthcare needs covered.

Here's how I can help

Unlimited chat with your
healthcare assistant
That's me, Louie 😉 Chat me
up anytime to to get answers
to your healthcare questions
and concerns.
I can tell you the cost of medications and services
Rest easy knowing what your
medications and health
services will cost you – all
before pulling out your wallet.
I'll find you discounts on
prescription medications
You heard me right! I'll work
hard to save you even more
money by locating discounts
on medications in your area.
I'll help you find
highly rated doctors
Leave it to me to find covered
doctors who are accepting new
patients, complete with bios
and reviews from real patients.
I'll find you a plan that
works for all of your needs
Searching for the perfect
plan can feel like a chore. I'll
make it easy by connecting
you with our partners.
I'll make sure that a live
human is ready to jump in
If I can't help you out, or if
you just want to talk to a
person, I'll be sure to connect
you with one in seconds.
I'll connect you with
Colorado licensed doctors*
Virtually visit with Colorado
licensed doctors to receive
referrals, prescriptions, or
review health concerns.
I'll provide on demand
Urgent Care solutions*
Emergencies happen, and I'm
here to help. I'll get you
connected to our ER partners
quickly and efficiently.
*These services are only available to residents of Colorado at this time.

How I source data

I'm pretty smart, but I can't take all the credit. To respond to your questions, I tap into a number of sources of data from friends like Healthgrades, SingleCare, and SaveOn Medical to give you the best information available based on your plan, your location, or anything else I know about you. To find out more about where my answers are coming from, click below.

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